Product Photography Price Per Photo

There are no hidden fees! You own the image copyright, NO added royalties.

Each product is photographed on a white background with your choice of either soft shadow or reflective background.

per photo
per photo
per photo
per photo
per photo
per photo

What's Included in each Product Shot

  • No royalty fees +

    Upon completion of your order your company will receive an unlimited use license. There are no royalty fees and you may use the images in print, web, presentations, packaging, display, all forms of media in unlimited quantities or duration.

    I do retain the copyright to the images and they may not be re-sold to a third party without written consent.

  • HD image capture 12MP +

    Every product is captured in RAW format and you will receive a high resolution image at 300dpi, (for print applications) and a low resolution image specifically for web or powerpoint (72dpi).
  • Product per shoot preparation +

    All products will be carefully cleaned, steamed before being photographed. I use compressed air and microfiber cloths to remove any dust or lint. Clothing items will be carefully steamed before being photographed. Some garments may be pinned in place to enhance their appearance.
  • Post production photoshop +

    Every image is carefully checked before it is delivered. Any small blemishes, scratches, dust and lint are expertly removed. The images are also balanced for tonal value and colour correction.
  • White background +

    White background with your choice of either soft natural shadow or reflection.
  • Immediate image access and secure storage +

    Once your products are photographed and the images completed they are available for instant download. All your images are stored in an online cloud with secure access for 1 year.
  • Welcoming service +

    I would love to work with you and I love to photograph product.I am always happy to work on a project with you and provide a solution to your needs.
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Added Extras

  • Coloured background +

    By default your product is photographed on white. Custom colour can be used with an added fee. Due to restrictions
  • Oversized items +

    Do to my setup any product larger than a 60cm X 60cm X 60cm volume requires an added fee. By
  • Multiple products, group image +

    The image fees are based on a single product per image. Grouped products within a single image can be captured.
  • Jewellery, silverware, metallic or shiny objects +

    Jewellery presents a unique set of challenges. Having photographed thousands of jewellery items I am very aware of the complications

  • Tailor-Made service +

    When you have a very specific layout that needs to be matched, no problem. Please provide all the specifics when
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Need an exact cost. I am happy to provide you with an accurate quote.

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Rush Delivery $10

48 Hour Rush Serivce
Fee is added per product
All product must be received in studio before 12pm
Products received after 12pm will start on the next business day
$100 minimum on rush products
Regular Service
Turnaround time from when product is received is approx. 5 business days
Large quantities of product could incur a longer production time

Masking C/C $7

Background removed from product
Fee added per product
With masking or close crop (c/c) your product is supplied in an image with transparent background
Image supplied as 12MP photoshop file for print, and 72 dpi web file in png format
Layer mask provided in the 12MP photoshop file.

All projects start from the time your product arrives in the studio. You will be notified as soon as your product arrives. Once your product arrives you will be given a delivery date. The majority of the time projects are completed within 5 business days. Under extreme workloads this completion time could be longer.

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